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Untitled, Arthur/Gwen, G

Title: Untitled
Author: kepp0xy
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Gwen, sort-of unrequited
Warning: Some angst, minor spoiler warning in A/N.
Summary: Three not-quite-drabbles inspired by the BTS gifs linked in the A/N.

Author's Note: I hadn't intended to post these, because they were meant more as an outlet for my hyperactive, post-episode mind, but I enjoyed them more than expected, particularly the last, and thought I'd share! Based on staring incessantly at the gifs by peopleareshapes from the Behind-the-Scenes special, posted here. I hope you like them :]

He won. And really, she shouldn't be as proud of him as she is, but she can't help it.

He set out to win, entirely of his own to-do, with no slights or help from his men. It was action based on gallantry, and that is exactly how she always thought a future king should act. He's bruised, battered and a bit bloody, but...

He managed it.

When he surprises her by looking her way, she can't help but smile - just a bit. And there's a brighter shine in his eyes as though he appreciates it.

He tells her.

He regrets it the moment the words leave his mouth, because he's being an idiot and Merlin's state of mind must be catching - but she looks at him, and there's something there whether she knows it or not.

But her silence is answer enough, and he just wants to take the words back because now he looks the fool.

He knows his place now.

Which is entirely, bitterly ironic, as it's really she who ought to be thinking that. But the words are tumbling from her lips so honest and heartfelt, and he can feel how absolutely daft the expression starting to soften his features is, but...

It's Guinevere. Morgana's maid; secret champion of Camelot. And he's proud of her, because she never ceases to challenge him or the state of this kingdom, and he's found he rather likes that.

Tags: length: drabble, merlin, merlin: arthur, merlin: gwen, merlin: pairing - gwen/arthur, type: het

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