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Alive; PG; Dean Winchester

Title: Alive
Author: kepp0xy
Rating: PG - for one or two words
Words: 217
Spoilers/Warnings: Vague spoilers for Season 3; no 4.01 spoilers
Characters: Dean, mentions of Sam and Bobby

Summary: Dean does certain things now that he's back.

Notes: written for alias_chick's 40 Days of Metallicar.
Original posting here
</span> I wrote it without any knowledge for what's coming in season 4, just mild speculation :)

His hand slid gently along the smooth black hood of his car. The metal felt cool, solid and so very real beneath his finger tips.

The first thing Dean did when he got back was hug his brother. He hugged the shit out of Sam and then he hugged the shit out of Bobby and then he hugged them both again as though he'd never seen any people so beautiful.

After sitting with them and having a beer; after finally convincing Sam - whose eyes had circles under them that almost matched the Impala and which said more of his love for Dean than any words - that he was not going anywhere and that Sam should sleep; after stepping outside and taking his first pure and refreshing breath of air since the grave... he'd seen his beauty.

The Impala was still as perfect as he remembered. The paint was unchipped and recently waxed, not a blemish or spec of dirt to be seen. The leather on the seats was soft as a baby's bottom and uncracked, feeling familiar and comfortable beneath his stiff backside. And as Dean slid into the driver's seat, reverently pushing the key into the ignition, the soft rumble of V-8 cylinders coming to life at his touch, he finally felt truly alive.
Tags: length: ficlet, spn: bobby, spn: dean, spn: sam, supernatural, type: gen

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