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with hope in your hands

and air to breathe

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which then grew into a hope ;

freemurmurs is the community for kepp0xy's fannish work. I play mostly at writing fanfiction, but icons, picspams, and metas may occassionally crop up. Right now I primarily write for Merlin, especially Gwen/Arthur.

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Don't earn any money from this; don't even pretend to own these characters; am only hoping to do them justice in writing as they're done on screen, and have fun playing in a 'verse not my own ♥

it's what keeps me going;

you never lost faith

She whispered, "I want to learn to fight."

He tensed again instantly, and Gwen could feel the motion of his neck twisting as he shook his head above her. "Absolutely not."

"Arthur -

"Guinevere -

"I would learn it from you, or find someone who will teach me," she said, in the tone of voice she had learned would show Arthur she meant exactly what she said and would not accept otherwise. [...]

Another short pause, before Arthur said halfheartedly, "I will ban anyone from teaching you."

"And there would still be one knight willing to train me in secret," she replied quickly.

At his silence, Gwen pulled out of his hold to look at him. It was a bit of a struggle; Arthur was not keen to let her go. "But I want you to do it," she whispered. His nostrils flared, and she could still see the terror in his eyes that broke her heart and fanned the fear still twisting her own stomach. Gwen slipped her hand along his neck, settling just behind his ear, stroking her fingers into the hair at his nape, her thumb across his cheek. "Who is there better?" she asked with a soft smile.

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